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      Professional Fields
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      Patents:  abstracts, full text and patentexamination opinions, etc.;

      Legal documents: Laws, regulations, contracts, articles of association, agreements, litigationdocuments, tender documents, etc;

      Mechanical: Machine tools, instrumentation, mining machinery, mechanics, power engineering,construction engineering machinery and chemical machinery, etc;

      Communication: wireless communications, mobile communications, program-controlledswitching, automatic control, sensor technology and optical instruments, etc.;

      Automobile: components and parts of automobiles, motorcycles, automotive electronics,electrical systems, electric locomotive and motorcycles, etc.;

      Chemicals:chemicaladditives, petrochemical products, plastic products, chemical equipment, finechemicals, rubber products and laboratory supplies, etc.;

      Electric appliances: heaters, oxygen machines, vacuum cleaners, audio-visual equipments,kitchen appliances, refrigerators, freezers and air purifiers, etc.;

      Electrics:electricalequipment, electrical operation and electrical junction lines, etc.;

      Economics and trade: market research, business management, import and export trade, logisticsand distribution, business services and feasibility study report, etc.;

      Finance:finance,stocks, securities, taxation, credit, insurance, audit reports and financialstatements, etc.;

      Medicines: health care, clinical medicine, anatomy, physiology, pharmacologicalanalysis and medical equipments, etc.;

      Construction: construction, building materials, decoration, environment arts, etc. ;

      Books: bookstranslation, editing and typesetting, etc.;

      Oiland minerals: oil, minerals and geology, etc.

      as well as translation of subtitle,immigration material and materials for studying abroad, etc.