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      Customer Notes
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      Before you formallyentrust our Company for translation services, please carefully read this notice.Once you have commissioned our Company to provide you with translation services,our Company will depend on that you have read this notice.

      1. Our company shall operate according to national policies, laws andregulations, only be responsible for the accuracy of our translation copies,but shall not assume any legal, economic and other responsibilities arisingfrom sources, contents and intended use of such translation copies.

      2. To ensure high-quality translations, please make an appointment inadvance and provide original copies to us (for highly specialized documents (ifany), please provide internal idioms, glossaries or reference documents inadvance); and also please give us adequate time for translation.

      3. The customer must provide the finalized original copies. During or uponcompletion of our translation, if the customer intends to modify, add or deletethe original copies, please give an written notice to us (If the completedtranslation needs to be deleted, the customer still should pay the translationservice fees as stipulated in the contract; if the completed translation needsto be modified or supplemented, such works are extra while delivery time shallbe postponed).

      4. Generally, our company will keep customers' translation copies confidential.If any special request for confidentiality, the customer must inform us inadvance so that the two parties could sign a confidentiality agreement so thatour company could take strict measures for keeping it confidential.

      5. If there are objections to the translation, please submit a writtenrequest for amendment within 15 working days upon receipt of the translation, ourcompany will make modification for free, if your request is overdue, it will beconsidered abandoned.

      6. Unless thecontract specifically stated otherwise, the refund and the amount of claims dueto mistranslation and missing translation is only limited to the translationcosts collected by our company.

      7. If anyrequest for the fonts, formatting and printing of the translation, please make itclear before the translation. Otherwise, it shall be treated according to linguisticpractice and the original layout processing.

      8. For anymatters not discussed in this notice, please feel free to communicate with us.

      Note: Beijing Charming Translation Services Co., Ltd. reserves the right forfinal interpretation of this notice.